Canadian Prairie Drents
Canadian Prairie Drents

Canadian Prairie Drents

DPCNA Approved Kennel

The journey of life is better when shared with a Drent.

The Drent

Enjoying life!!


The Drent will always find something new to explore, whether its birds, rabbits, squirrels, or just a noise.

The Drent lives for the day, the hour, even the moment.


They say that life is about winning the rat race, but I prefer to watch my dog run.

Litter Announcement

We are extremely pleased to announce that all of Bella's puppies have found their forever homes. We have found great families and are looking forward to watching them grow through the years. With familes from California, Maryland, Arkansas, and Nova Scotia, this will only enhance the breed recognition throughout North America.



Bella is an adorable, loving, three year old Drent born from the Meadowbrook Kennels out of Washington, USA. She is a cuddler and always wants to please. Loving outdoor activities, she is always ready to go hunting or just a leisurely stroll. Since becoming a family member, Bella has made a wonderful and loving addition.
As a family member, Bella brings love, warmth and playfulness to our lives.



Fowler is a very sweet dog, who loves to cuddle and just wants to be close to his family. He is not very good at respecting "personal space." He also excels in the field - he is incredibly fast, with a natural range of 80-100 yards. He has hunted many types of birds including pheasant, grouse, quail, huns, and chukar. He is also a great waterfowl dog and loves to swim and retrieve.  
In addition Fowler is the only UT NAVHDA titled Drent in North America.

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Canadian Prairie Drents

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